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            YOUR STUDIO - At the speed of imagination

            FROM CONCEPT TO

            NVIDIA GPUs accelerate your work with incredible boosts in performance. Less time staring at pinwheels of death means bigger workloads, more features, and creating your work faster than ever. Welcome to NVIDIA Studio—and your new, more creative, process.


            YOUR ART, ELEVATED

            With GPU rendering, I easily iterate music visualizations by moving lights in real-time; I get the look I want, without having to guess.

            -Gavin Strange, jam-factory.com/

            Add stunning visual effects to Adobe Premiere.

            Add visually stunning effects to your Adobe Premiere Pro timelines without sacrificing rendering performance

            Work with 8K RED RAW files with ease.

            Work with up to 8K RED RAW files without pre-caching or generating proxies

            Accelerate color grading in Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve.

            Accelerate color grading and editing with powerful AI-powered tools in Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve

            NVIDIA gives me the tools to pursue my passion; from gaming to using a GPU to render my art.

            -Miki Bencz, Artstation.com

            RTX-accelerated ray tracing lets  you review while you work.

            RTX-accelerated ray tracing in renderers like Autodesk Arnold GPU for Autodesk Maya or 3ds Max let you review your photorealistic graphics as you create

            Real-time ray tracing for Unreal Engine and Unity.

            Bring your ideas to life with RTX real-time ray tracing in Unreal Engine and Unity


            Smooth 3D modeling and fast 3D rasterization.

            Smooth and fluid 3D modeling in Maya, 3ds Max, and Blender with fast 3D rasterization

            GPUs allow near-instant feedback during a photoshoot. This allows me to adjust and output thousands of high-resolution images from a single day shoot.

            -Jordan Reeder, Reederphoto.com

            Create stunning graphics in Adobe Photoshop.

            Create stunning graphics in Adobe Photoshop with over 30 GPU-accelerated effects such as Blur Gallery and Smart Sharpen

            Use AI to edit your photos in a number of applications.

            Harness the power of AI to quickly enhance your photos directly in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop or with standalone apps like Sharpen AI or DeNoise AI from Topaz Labs

            Work stutter-free on high resolution images.

            Work stutter-free on high resolution images in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

            From producing high resolution prints to complex animations, NVIDIA’S RTX GPUs allow me to visualize ideas at an incredible speed.

            -Joey Camacho, RawandRendered.com

            Smooth paning and zooming in Adobe Illustrator.

            Smooth panning and zooming in Adobe Illustrator regardless of file size or display resolution

            Create textures and materials faster than ever.

            Accelerate creation of textures and materials with Substance by Adobe

            GPU acceleration of over 30 Adobe filters and effects.

            30+ GPU-accelerated Adobe Photoshop filters and effects

            With my NVIDIA RTX laptop I can easily present my portfolio to customers anywhere, even editing content in real time.

            -Leo Chou, tcimage3d.wixsite.com

            GPU-accelerated renderers let you create physically accurate photorealistic visuals

            GPU-accelerated renderers let you create physically accurate photorealistic visuals faster than ever

            Visualize your designs in real-time with RTX-powered ray tracing

            Visualize your designs in real-time with RTX-powered ray tracing in Unreal Engine 4, Unity, and Enscape

            virtual reality

            Gain a whole new perspective of your designs by exploring them in virtual reality

            Using NVIDIA RTX GPUs to power your Livestream frees up the PC cores. A great single PC livestream and gaming solution.

            -Swifty, Twitch.com

            Next-level encoding.

            Next-level encoding quality for your Twitch and YouTube streams with the new Turing encoder

            Dedicated hardware encoding.

            Dedicated hardware encoding frees up your CPU yielding higher game performance

            Optimized for the most popular streaming apps.

            Optimized for the most popular streaming apps like OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster for the highest performance and the best image quality


            • ADOBE PREMIERE PRO

              ADOBE PREMIERE PRO

            • AUTODESK ARNOLD

              AUTODESK ARNOLD

            • DAVINCI RESOLVE

              DAVINCI RESOLVE

            • ADOBE LIGHTROOM

              ADOBE LIGHTROOM

            • REDCINE-X PRO

              REDCINE-X PRO


            Edit video up to 12x faster


            Edit video up to 14x faster


            Render and denoise up to 15x faster


            Render and denoise up to 10x faster


            Color grade and edit up to 11x faster


            Color grade and edit up to 15x faster


            Enhance up to 4x faster


            Enhance up to 5x faster


            Edit RED video up to 34x faster


            Edit RED video up to 28x faster



            RAY TRACING

            Create beautiful scenes with accurate lighting, shadows, and reflections rendered faster than you thought possible. With dedicated hardware accelerated ray tracing, artists can render in higher quality in less time and create more inspirational art.


            Free yourself to focus more on creating. Let AI handle time-consuming, repetitive tasks with accelerated up-resing, photo enhancements, color matching, face tagging, and style transfer. Advanced hardware accelerates AI operations and NVIDIA RTX automates common workflows, saving artists valuable time.

            8K VIDEO

            Stay on the cutting edge. Decode and Debayer up to 8K RED video in real-time with REDCINE-X PRO. Computational hardware accelerates video processing, eliminating the need to generate time-consuming and low quality proxies, when working with ultra-high resolution RAW video files.

            Nvidia Studio Drivers

            NVIDIA's commitment to creative innovation is never over. Studio Drivers are released throughout the year to supercharge your favorite, most demanding apps. These exclusive drivers bring you maximum performance—and stability—thanks to extensive multi-app creative workflow testing.

            Studio Stack

            We offer SDKs and APIs for app developers to accelerate ray tracing, rendering, video editing and more.

            RTX Studio Laptops
            and Desktops

            When creativity strikes, nothing should get between you and your vision. Work faster and more efficiently than you ever imagined. Introducing RTX Studio products. Crafted with precision to deliver dramatic improvements in productivity and performance.

            Nvidia Studio
            Graphics Cards

            The essential component to your existing studio desktop setup. Raw, untamed power and unmatched speed transforms creative workflows and saves valuable time. Upgrade the most important part in your PC, fuel your creativity, and experience incredible results.

            • GEFORCE


            • TITAN


            • QUADRO


            GeForce GTX

            For online creators, GeForce GTX provides great performance for video editing, photography, and graphic design.


            Video editing


            Gaming and broadcasting


            Adobe Creative Cloud

            Optimized for
            Adobe Creative Cloud

            GeForce RTX

            For online creators and freelancers, GeForce RTX provides amazing performance for 3D animation and high resolution video editing.

            Up to

            RED video editing

            Up to

            Gaming and broadcasting


            Adobe Creative Cloud

            Optimized for
            Adobe Creative Cloud

            Up to

            Ray traced rendering with large 3D models

            Titan RTX

            For online creators and freelancers, TITAN RTX provides ultimate performance for large, complex 3D and video projects.


            RED video editing


            Gaming and broadcasting


            Adobe Creative Cloud

            Optimized for
            Adobe Creative Cloud


            Ray traced rendering with extra large 3D models

            QUADRO RTX

            For creators working with the most demanding multi-app workflows, Quadro RTX provides groundbreaking performance with pro-grade features, enterprise level support and workstation-class reliability.

            Up to

            RED video editing

            Up to

            Professional broadcasting


            Adobe Creative Cloud

            Optimized for
            Adobe Creative Cloud

            Up to

            Memory for ray traced rendering with extra large 3D models


            ISV app certifications


            Discover incredible creations around the world from creators like you. Inspire others with your works of art by using the hashtag #StudioShare for a chance to be featured - and even win prizes.


            Creative tutorials, artist showcases, contests, and exclusive offers.

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